CICP - Construction Industry Crime Prevention




CICP works to keep members informed about crime trends, activities  and laws related to theft and vandalism.  CICP offers educational workshops and seminars to help contractors strengthen their prevention activities.  Officials from District Attorney offices as well as law enforcement officials from a variety of city, county and state law enforcement agencies have provide valuable training and education to contractors.

Heavy Equipment Theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the National Equipment Register (NER) partner with CICP to help prevent heavy equipment theft.  NICB and NER provide CICP members education and training about strategies contractors can implement, prior to a theft, to help law enforcement recover stolen heavy equipment. And CICP works with NICB and NER to provide training and education to law enforcement about recovering heavy equipment.

Metal Theft

CICP partners with scrap metal recyclers to help reduce metal theft.  Workshops about metal theft laws and steps contractors can take to prevent their metal from being stolen have been important and popular sessions.

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