CICP - Construction Industry Crime Prevention

About Us

Crime Prevention is profit protection.

Our Mission

To prevent crime in the Construction Industry.

What is CICP?

The Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program of the Pacific Northwest (CICP) is an Oregon non-profit organization working toward the prevention and reduction of theft and vandalism on residential and commercial construction sites in the Pacific Northwest region. The CICP Network consists of public and private sector participants including building trade associations, contractors, law enforcement agencies, scrap metal recyclers, criminal justice partners, local and state civic leaders, and community members. Governed by a Board of Directors, the CICP continues to be representative of the diverse activity of the construction industry.

CICP Works! Since CICP began in 1996, over  $16,000,00 in losses have been reported to us and we have helped to recover more than $5,300,000.


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